How Lily Seeds Compare

Natural, whole seed of the lily plant does more than corn, puffs, or chickpeas

Lily seeds have
50% more protein and
65% less fat than popcorn

Lily seeds have
3x more protein and
40% less fat than puffed snacks

Lily seeds are
5x less dense than chickpeas
with a gentler mouthfeel


A new standard for nutritious snacks

Low glycemic index compared to corn based snacks

Made with organic MCT coconut oil, helps burn fat

Natural flavonoids and phytonutrients fight diseases

Seeds are anti inflammatory, and have high bioavailability

50% more protein, 20% less calories than corn or puffs

Consumed as an ancient Ayurvedic superfood

What are Lily Seeds?

And what makes it a superfood? Check out the lily seed research paper here

About 100 miles from Mt. Everest, at the India-Nepal border, water lilies grow in ancient pond ecosystems

Nutrient dense seeds are sustainably hand harvested by fair wage farming co-ops, and naturally dried

Popped seeds are seasoned and roasted in California. No kernel, and it tastes better than popcorn

Snacks Need a Superfood

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