Popped Water Lily Seeds For Moms and Kids

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Superfood for the Whole Family

Popped water lily seeds, known as Makhana in India, is an Ayurvedic medicinal food that has been prescribed for thousands of years to young mothers.

Makhana helps reduce inflammation and combat fatigue, assisting in neonatal recovery for young mothers.

Children, too, devour Makhana for it's crunchy popcorn-like texture and absolutely no kernels, preservatives or additives. In fact, Makhana is a wholesome seed that provides plant-based protein, minerals, and is naturally free of all main allergens.

Makhana: What, Where, and How?

Water lily plants have seeds that are harvested by hand in northern India and subsequently dried and popped by farmers. Once they arrive in California, we gently oven roast them with organic seasonings and Himalayan pink salt to create the perfect snack. 

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