Eat Makhana

Makhana Combo Pack (6)

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3 bags of our original salt and pepper Makhana recipe and 3 bags of tangy chili and lime Makhana for a total of 6 bags. Made for serious supersnackers. 

Now, you have a bag of Makhana for nearly every day of the week! 

Mix and match the flavors in a bowl for movie night. Sprinkle some over your favorite soup instead of croutons. Add some crunch to that salad. Gift one to a friend! However which way you like it, Makhana won't disappoint.

This versatile and airy snack was made in small batches in California, where we lightly roast them and inspect each bag before packaging. 

Guaranteed to fill you up while keeping you feeling light and charged, each Makhana bag comes with our satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, return it for a full refund for the bags you bought.