Makhana, or popped seeds of the water lily plant are at the core of Pure Makhana. Water lilies are cultivated in the nutrient-rich backwaters of the northeastern state of Bihar in India. Farmers harvest the seeds and dry roast them to remove the casing, revealing the popped seed within. 

Light, airy, and full of nutrients including age-reversing enzyme, we present Makhana in a snack form for modern convenience. With each one ounce serving contains 110-calorie and 3 grams of protein and absolutely no artificial flavors, sugars, cholesterol, or additives!

Historically Makhana has been used in medicine, protein supplement, in kheer and other dairy based puddings, in soups and other savoury dishes. Makhana is great by itself, but we also recommend to mix and match with other dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and plant based snacks. 

We're proud to bring a rare water borne seed to everyone with zero preservatives and clean ingredients.

Enjoy the good life!


Amruta and Mallika