Hungry Beginnings!

We started Eat Makhana when we were both stress eating away our careers and grad school dreams. As chips, pretzels, and granola bars piled high, we realized we were eating more processed and sugary snacks than we should.

That's when we went back to our roots and started making popped water lily seeds just as our mothers did. Originally, we'd make them in our home kitchen, but soon we realized that our snacks were a hit with kids of all types - especially picky eaters. Watching them eat, adults too gave in to the temptation.

Our commitment to kids eating healthy comes from our own body issues when we were kids. There's just too many unhealthy snacks out there, and many of them are targeted to vulnerable children.

We believe snacking at any age should be guilt and stress free. We love making Eat Makhana and we hope you love them, too!

Mallika and Amruta


Mallika and Amruta