About Us

At Pure Makhana, we are on a mission to create delicious and nutritious snacks from the seeds of the water lily plant (or Makhana in Hindi) using simple, clean ingredients that are ethically sourced 

For thousands of years, many cultures have regarded the water lily plant as a symbol of beauty, purity and creativity. Some have even used it for medicinal purposes. 

As children, our mothers would toast Makhana as a healthy after school snack. Satisfying and irresistibly tasty, it was one childhood memory that we took with us whichever part of the world we lived in. From London, Singapore and now California, we are excited to bring the joys of the naturally protein-rich, gluten-free, grain-free and corn-free ancient superfood to you.

Join us as we bring tasty ancient supersnacking to everyone. 

Snacking can be healthy and good for you!