Tastefully Healthy: Why Eat Makhana Is Good For The Heart

When food cravings strike, it’s strong enough to get people out of bed and munch on snacks. Health-conscious eaters know to stay away from the temptation potato chips bring, though it’s easier now to ignore cheese puffs when there are healthier alternatives that pack the same flavorful punch.

More people embrace healthy habits nowadays, but those wanting a delicious reminder of the crunchiness, airiness, and delightfulness of cheese puffs will find water lily seeds the perfect pick.

What are Lily Seeds?
Also known as Makhana in India, lily seeds sate late-night cravings unlike any other as it claims to be the next superfood. Every bite offers a dynamic, crisp texture, while the ocean flavors burst as it coats the tongue. Garnishing the unseasoned seeds pave the way for a fantastic blend of spices, making lily seeds a versatile snack for different cravings.

Beyond being packed with flavor, lily seeds are also rich in nutrients; that's why India’s favorite snack also made a strong foothold in countries like Japan, Colombia, and China, thanks to its health benefits. But does makhana play an even more prominent role in one’s diet?

Makhana’s Health-Boosting Properties - Is It Enough to Improve Your Heart?
People struggling with poor eating habits often find a silver lining in makhana as it’s the newest superfood, mainly due to its abundance of potassium. The high potassium content of makhana gives it the ability to ease blood pressure levels, while the low sodium content ensures consumers with high blood pressure remain stable.

Makhana is also high in magnesium, which can help promote a healthier heart since it affects the heart rhythm. A stable magnesium content allows the heart to transport electrolytes like calcium and potassium, so indulging in makhana can help keep your heartbeat steady.

A Healthy Snack Perfect for Diets
Despite the surplus of nutrients in makhana, it’s a light and airy snack that helps weight-watchers sate their cravings without breaking their diet. That’s why makhana is also the perfect snack for people suffering from obesity, which contributes to a stronger heart.

Makhana also doesn’t come short in protein, giving physically active eaters a chance to snack on something that can promote cell growth and build muscle mass.

When you have a plant-based alternative like makhana to help manage your weight, improve your heart condition, and satisfy your taste buds, you can move closer to becoming fit as a fiddle.

Makhana - An Ancient Ingredient that Remains Just as Tastefully Popular Today
It’s tempting to grab a fistful of corn puffs when you’re in the mood to snack, but you don’t have to munch on what’s hot in the market anymore when other alternatives have a better impact on your health.

With that in mind, makhana steals the spotlight in the wellness world as the new popcorn. But while popcorn can quickly become a dietary disaster, makhana’s low sodium content, richness in nutrients, low-fat content with zero-trans fat, and gluten-free properties make it deserving of its superfood title today.

Are You Craving for Snacks to Munch Without Breaking Your Healthy Habits?
Eat Makhana is a California-based company and local producer of lily seeds, a tasty treat packed with health-boosting properties. Beyond delighting the taste buds, makhana is the perfect choice for weight-watchers looking for a plant-based, allergy-friendly, and vegan snack.