Spicy Vegan Queso Launch

Eat Makhana launches Spicy Vegan Queso Lily Seeds to curb cravings for snackers who want dairy free cheesy crunchy snacks without the guilt. With notes of jalapeno, cayenne pepper and paprika, these lily seed puffs emit bursts of heat and crunch before melting in your mouth. Reeba from Virginia, says “to all lovers of spice, Spicy Vegan Queso’s hot pepper seasoning will hit all the right spots.” Even the most die hard nacho cheese fans like Lindsey said “I love the spicy one! It helps me stay away from other unhealthy crunchy snacks. I just wish they had a Costco size family bag!” 

Dairy free cheesy snacks have been on the rise recently, with Lesser Evil’s No Cheese Cheesiness Paleo Puffs increasing in popularity. However, many snackers complain that the cheesiness is not comparable to the real thing. 

Which is why Eat Makhana’s co-founder Vineet Sinha developed and launched the flavor, which is now available online and in over 150 stores across the US, mainly in the SF Bay Area. “I grew up eating chili con queso, and my college roommate Cesar would make it really well. I drew from that experience as I was developing this flavor. During a dinner party, Lindsey complained how Cesar, now her husband, needed to cut down dairy for the sake of his health. That’s when the idea took root. “I went back to Kitchentown, where we develop our recipes, and experimented with this. The trial roll out was very successful. I’m so glad people like it!”

Ratna, Vineet’s grandmother who’s been eating lily seed before India became an independent country, had this to add “Never would I have imagined in my lifetime that this snack from rural Bihar would end up in grocery stores in California. What a time to be alive! While it’s definitely not an Indian flavor, I approve of the taste.”

The snacks are available online and in store.

Eat Makhana makes nutritious, delicious, lily seed snacks aimed at allowing anyone to guiltlessly eat comfort food. Looking for a change from eating everyday processed snacks, Vineet and his co-founders went back to their childhood to find a stress-free food that not only felt right for themselves, but also family, friends, and their littles ones. Lily seeds, or makhana, are sustainably hand-harvested by fair wage co-ops, then popped, seasoned, and roasted with organic, pure, simple ingredients.With 50% more protein, and 65% less fat than popcorn, this snack bundles up the same light, crunchy mouthfeel with additional health benefits: anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as decrease in risk of cardiovascular diseases. All Eat Makhana snacks are vegan, corn-free, non-gmo, and free of nuts, gluten, sugar, or any sort of preservatives. The company currently makes a few different flavors, check out www.eatmakhana.com to learn more.