6 Amazing Health Benefits of Consuming Makhana

Water lily seeds - known as makhana in North India - are nutritious treats containing micronutrients that are helpful for your body. Because of their high nutrient content that yields many health benefits, not only are they used as snacks but also as medicine, as well as ingredients in a wide variety of Indian recipes.

If you want to get more familiar with this tasty superfood, here are six health benefits that you
can enjoy every time you munch on makhana.

Vegan Cheddar Lily Seeds

1. They nourish your heart
Makhana contains different nutrients that keep your heart strong and healthy. If you are suffering from hypertension, then these snacks are perfect for you. With the high amounts of potassium and the low sodium content, they can help reduce your blood pressure level effectively.

On the other hand, the ample amount of magnesium and folate found in makhana can improve the quality of your blood and the oxygen in your body and minimize your risk of getting heart diseases.

2. They manage your blood sugar level
Water lily seeds aid in managing your blood sugar level due to their plentiful amount of protein and carbohydrates. With their high magnesium and low sodium content, they can also help prevent obesity and diabetes.

3. They detoxify your body
Did you know that makhana flushes out toxins from your body by keeping your spleen clean? This is because your spleen helps filter blood and remove dead blood cells, which aids in boosting your immune system.

4. They strengthen your bones
By munching on these superfoods regularly, you can strengthen your bones and keep them healthy so that you can function better and accomplish different physical activities efficiently. These snacks are an excellent source of calcium, which plays a major role in nourishing the health of your bones.

5. They aid in weight loss
If you are watching your weight or trying to shed off some pounds, then you may consider adding these wonder nuts to your diet. The high levels of protein in makhana make you feel full for longer, preventing you from eating too much. In addition, as they detoxify your liver, you can boost your metabolism. In essence, these treats help you lose weight since they have low levels of calories and saturated fats and are rich in magnesium and fiber, making them the perfect snacks to aid you in weight loss.

6. They slow down the aging process of your body
Makhana acts as an anti-aging agent. Because of this, by eating them regularly, your body will be better equipped to fight the effects of free radicals, leading you to have younger-looking and softer skin. Moreover, these water lily seeds contain kaempferol, which is responsible for slowing down the aging process of your body, the development of wrinkles, and the graying of hair. By enjoying these snacks, not only you can have a healthier body but also a youthful appearance.

When looking for some snacks to enjoy, you might be thinking of munching on a pack of unhealthy chips or other junk foods that have little to no nutritional value. If you are looking for a healthier option for your treats, consider makhana, or what Indians know as lily seeds. Regardless of your health goal, these seeds work wonders for your body, leading you to be healthier from the inside out.

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